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Anyone who tried food made with sturgeon will want to eat it again. This is not surprise that fish that gives us the best caviar in the world is the same delightful. Its delicate velvety and sweet flash is more nutrisious than meat, but unlike meat, is healthier and much easier to digest.


We serve sturgeon smoked, grilled, baked, blackened, or souteed. We can cook for you a famouse Russian solyanka - thick, flavourful fish soup with owsome savory taste.

Old fashioned way of preparing a sturgeon - is sturgeon in aspic. It is the tradition that goes more than a thousand years back. Sturgeon in aspic is a pouched fish covered with clear jelly made naturally from melted fish cartilages and fish juices. It is served cold, sliced and covered with aspic, or as a whole fish molded with its head and skin. Shown below is a whole sturgeon - the pride of Russian feast table, symbol of prosperity.

Sturgeon in aspic



Red Caviar ($3.75   2oz)

The red salmon caviar is not only superior delicacy, but very nutritious product and has important health benefits. Red Caviar is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, DHA and EPA (Omega-3 fatty acids).

We offer you the best quality Red Caviar from the wild Alaskan salmon. It has that delicate, savory, and slightly nutty flavor. The size of the grains is slightly smaller which is characteristic of the top-quality red caviar.


The Red Caviar we offer comes fresh from Alaska; it was never frozen.

We sell caviar in 2oz. servings to go or as an appetizer in our restaurant for only $3.00.

Eat caviar with variety of food: white bread with butter, crepes, crackers, or Russian blini (pancakes). You can serve caviar stuffed in the boiled half-eggs or stuffed in the fine pastry shells.




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A clear jelly made from the juices of cooked fish or meat, used to garnish or mold savory dishes.


Traditional Russian and Ukranian hearty thick and sour soup, with pickled cucumbers and brine. Prepared as fish solyanka or meat solyanka.


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